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Amazing Polo Argentino Mare, played 16 Goal in chantilly this year

Polo Horse

Ad number: 2378
Online since: 15-10-2023


Level: 0-8, 8-16, 16-22
Sticksize: 51, 52
Gender: Mare
Color: Chestnut
Breed: Polo Argentino
Age: 5 YRS
Price: $ 29.441


Very nice mare with a big future for a patron or pro. She is super easy and very agile. Her father Taita Nissan played Gold Cup and Queens Cup in England. Her mother Fortunita was played in argentina from Diego Cavanagh. Faboulosa played this year up to 12 goal tournaments, as well as the 16 Goal Feminin Open in Chantilly. She has a super mouth and is always trying her best. A mare for a patron or pro with a bright future. if wanted we can also provide tack.


  • Including tack
  • Friendly character
  • Easy performance
  • Big heart
  • Comfortable horse
  • Great stick & ball
  • Nice and quiet
  • Light mouth
  • Patron horse
  • Amazing stop
  • Sensitive
  • Machine

Location of the horse

City: Mühlen
Country: Germany

Seller Info

Type: Personal
Name: Patrick Maleitzke
City: Muehlen
Country: Germany


Sire: Taita Nissan
Sire: Open Chimento
Dam: Dolfina Frontier
Dam: Fortunita
Sire: Zorro
Dam: Fortuna
Dam line