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  1. Would you like to display/sell a horse on

You first need to register and open an account with us.
See next item.

  1. Register

If you don’t have an account, you first have to create an account. You can do that by clicking the “Login/Register” button in the right upper menu.
First, enter your email address and create a password.
Also add your name and surname, company info (if needed) and your location.
After clicking “Save data” you will receive a confirmation email. Click the link in that email and your account is active.

  1. Create an polo horse add

Once registered you can select “Add new Polo Horse” in your account. Here you have to enter and select all the necessary data about your polo horse. Fill in as accurate as possible.

  1. Images about your polo horse

Here you can add up to 10 images to your horse advertisements for free. This can be done quickly and easily by directly uploading from your computer. It is possible to edit the uploaded images afterwards (rotate, cut, change position).

  1. My Ads

In your account you can select “My ads”.
There you will find all your polo horse advertisements.
By clicking one of them, you see all the information you inserted which you can edit/update.

  1. I am interested in a polo horse. What is the next step?

The first step is to contact the seller if you have found a polo horse you are interested in.
Click on the polo horse ad to see the full information.
Each polo horse ad on is provided with contact details for contacting the seller directly.
Click the red buttons “Phonenumber” or “Emailaddress” to display the information.

  1. A seller is not responding to my requests. What can I do?

If you get no response to a horse despite several requests, please contact us and leave the ad’s ID number and your email address. We will check the advertisement. If there are more complaints about the seller, we will first notify the seller before putting the account on hold. 

  1. How can I find a polo horse that fulfills my special needs and wishes?

With the detailed search function on you can search for specific criteria (e.g. height, age, color, etc.). Be sure to make your search as specific as possible and try to be realistic concerning your wishes, your needs, and your own skills.
The search results will only display polo horses that match your criteria.

  1. Is it possible to save interesting polo horse ads to look at them again later?

Every horse ad has a little red heart button in the upper right corner. With just one click, the desired horse can be saved to your favorites list.
With this favorites list, you have all selected polo horses together so you can compare these horses more easily.
Also you can look at them in a later session and save/print this list by clicking the “Printer” button.
The favorites list is saved in your cookies, so if you delete your cookies, the list is gone.

10. Is it possible to change or delete already placed advertisements?

Of course. You also have the opportunity to change or delete an already placed advertisement.
Login your account and select “My ads”. Click on the ad you whish to change.

  1. How can I advertise on ?

If you want to target the polo community, advertising on can be very effective. is enjoying a steady and continuous growth of popularity among polo breeders, trading stables and professional and amateur playing polo players worldwide.
With us, you have the ideal opportunity to promote your polo horse-related website, products and/or services in order to increase your revenue.

We offer different ways to advertise on From a banner campaign up to direct newsletter marketing. We would love to work with you to create your personal advertising campaign.
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